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Help needed!

As you probably know by now, I will be jumping into a frigid lake on Sunday. Why would you ask? Am I crazy? Well, Let's not ask that right now...

I am doing this to benefit Special Olympics Illinois. Over the last two years, I have been able to raise a total of over $1,500 to this wonderful cause. Since I have had some wonderful donations in the past, I am doing it again! However, donations have been lower than in previous years and with the event this Sunday, I wanted to send a message out on Social media to ask for your help.

If you haven't already this year, if you could consider sending a donation in for this wonderful cause! You can donate one of two ways:

1) Online via this website: https://www.firstgiving.com/fundraiser/dan-hauschild/ (they may ask if you are willing to pay for the credit card fees, but it isn't required).

2) If you will see me this week, you can give the donation directly to me or if it will be next week, let me know and I will put the money in on Sunday!

Any donation would be wonderful and will help such a wonderful cause! If you could help, that would be much appreciated.

Go and Jump in a Lake!

For a third year, I will be doing the crazy thing of jumping into the freezing Fox Lake on Sunday, February 26th!

This is to support the nearly 21,000 athletes with intellectual disabilities and more than 6,000 Young Athletes ages 2-7 of Special Olympics Illinois!

I am asking for one of two possible ways to help support this wonderful organization.

1) Join me on the team! Created the team 'Frosty Paws' and you too could help a wonderful organization and take a dip in the lake, to experience what it is like to be in chilly water, it is thrill! If you go here, http://www.ilso.org/content.php?sec=Law Enforcement Torch Run&cat=Polar Plunges&contentID=233, you can fill out all the information and Choose the team 'Frosty Paws' and you will be all set. The only requirement is that you raise $75 to take the plunge, but you get stuff out of the deal and if you donate more, you will get more goodies.

2) You can also donate money to encourage me to jump into the lake! You can either donate electronically at: https://www.firstgiving.com/fundraiser/dan-hauschild/ or if you will see me anytime soon, you can give your money to me to be added to the pot! Every little bit helps!

There will be photos posted of the event so no worries about me skipping out on this!

Thank you for your support!
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Life update

It has been quite a long time since I have posted, to be honest it has been that life, while exciting at times, generally is covered by one person or another, usually by duncandahusky. So while I haven't posted, have been loyally reading LJ at least a few times a day, mainly since I am not a big fan of Facebook.

We went on a cruise (labeled as Wuffcruise) at the end of May, beginning of June. Duncan and I went with plonq, atara, roho, enveri, karwood, brophey, rasslor, rustitobuck, mwakolion, foxfeather, mbala, ramalion, KBear, siriuswolfstar, Austin, and Thomas. A lot of folks posted their experiences there and is far better written than anything I could write, so will leave it at that. However, wanted to mention the photos that were taken. The photos that Duncan and I took are at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/duncandahusky/ and the groups photos are at: http://www.flickr.com/groups/wuffcruise/.

Once I returned to work, received some disheartening news. Let me back up here... In January, they told over half of the department that they would be losing their jobs (by moving them to Alpharetta, GA) by the end of June, which I was safe from (has been since adjusted to some in July, some in September). The week that I returned, got news that the scope of this project had changed and that my position would be going away at the end of September. Would receive a severance package if I am not able to find another position within the company.

Since then, there are multiple departments who have said that they will try their best to see if they could find something for me as part of their group, along with the team taking over in Georgia trying to hire me also and work out of the office here. Until something happens, will be freaking out a little bit and start looking towards other companies.

Wolfhusky Events
As Duncan and I have a few events each year, we're deciding (as long as I find another job) to do the smart thing and incorporating so we have coverage in case something happened in the future especially if we do FRAC on a larger scale. Unless we changed our business model, this wouldn't be anything we would want to do to make money. We already have the Square app and reader so any future events we will be able to take credit cards at. Oh, we also will need a logo, but that can wait.

Think that is about it for the moment, hopefully more posts later today.
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Every once in a while, I can sling them...

On the way back from our monthly snark filled lunch with a group of co-workers who used to be in the field together...

Me: Ah, right, they are doing the blood donation thing today
Coworker: Well, my blood is too full of grease from lunch to donate blood
Me: Yeah, well, my blood is too full of gay to donate blood

That's when everyone laughed until they cried

That seemed to make a wonderful topper for the ride back to work, I love having lunch with this group of folks.

See most of you later this week!
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Great catchup (part 1)

So, it has been a while since posting, I blame Twitter for that. Granted I don't post much there either as it feels like my life is too boring to post and if anything cool does happen duncandahusky has good write-ups. Granted, I do read LJ and Twitter a couple times a day.

But in the meantime, catch folks up...

Polar plunge
Linnaeus, Rusty and I ended up doing the Polar Plunge and it was fun and we raised over 1,200 for the Special Olympics of Illinois. Rusty won a DVD changer for the best costume, which was awesome!

Shortly after the plunge, Duncan and I decided to look into finally getting a dog. We went to Save-a-Pet in Grayslake and we proceeded to fall I'm love with a pair, Dollie and Otis. However, once we filled out the application, we were 'interviewed' and they weren't sure if we would be good dog parents (taking multiple weeks to get to that point). They finally came back that they would like to see our house (when I asked early on, they said that they don't do that), at which point we withdrew our application from there. Last time we checked, the dogs haven't been adopted and I no longer throw spare change into their jars at local stores.

We found another no-kill shelter who were local and they were having a day at Petco, so we ended up going there, ending up walking two dogs around the store and outside for a while. That night we decided that one of them was a good match for us and with a hassle free adoption process (and a 30 day return if things didn't work out), we took Buddy home the next day. It has been a learning experience again with him around, but was well worth it to have him in our life. The only downside is that he has chosen Tom over me, but you can't win them all.

FCN, FCLR, etc writeup coming soon!
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Where I go and freeze my butt off! HELP NEEDED!

So, on Sunday, February 28th, I am going to be partaking in an experiment, to see how cold I can take the water.

They are doing a Polar Plunge, basically running into the freezing water of Fox Lake for a good cause, the Illinois Special Olympics. Please help me raise money for this event.

Also, I have created a team with rustitobuck and linnaeus called "Frosty Paws", but we need at least 2 more people to join us in order to be recognized as a team. If you are interested in joining us, please let me know and I will get the information your way!

Thank you for your support!
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(no subject)

Home from con, was wonderful seeing folks again and meeting new folks, worked tail off...

Thankful for a lot of people who helped out (will post more later).

Hotel had issues, but as it was final year at hotel was expecting some of that.

Time to collapse and watch television for the evening and hide for a few days. Hope everyone had fun and lets do it again sometime!

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So, we went to see Up again today, it is definitely a good movie. I wanted to point this out for other folks who liked the movie. http://bit.ly/4YPFi They have a bunch of limited edition posters available, but this one is my favorite. Hoping that this will go to a good home.